Renault Propshaft

Here at Propshaft Services we have an excellent reputation for delivering a first class service to our customers. By providing such a service the majority of our work has came through word of mouth.

We have been dealing with Renault propshafts for several years now and can offer a wide range of services which include:

  • Repairs
  • Modifications
  • Refurbishments
  • Manufacturing



We are able to carry out any type of renault propshaft repairs that you may need whether it be a simple universal joint or centre bearing replacement or a complete shaft overhaul/refurbishment.

The normal turnaround for our repairs are next working day, however, we can offer same day and while you wait repairs if you are experiencing a breakdown or emergency situation; therefore making our service more flexible.


We are able to carry out a range of modifications to your Renault propshaft which is beneficial if you want to change your propshaft for various power, performance or economy reasons.

We undertake all types of modifications whether it be big or small, in this instance it can be as simple as changing the flange on one end of your propshaft or it could be as complex as requiring a new propshaft to be custom built.

We are able to re-tube, shorten and extend your propshaft for a reasonable fee and would be more than happy to discuss your requirements prior to starting.


By coming to us for a refurbishment you can expect us to renew all of the moving components on your shaft and paint and balance to the original manufacturer’s specification, therefore giving you a brand new shaft for a fraction of the cost of what a new one would cost.


Our team can manufacture a Renault propshaft to suit your exact requirements. In order for us to do so you must give us some simple measurements, these are as follows:

  • How many sections you need
  • The length of the shaft from the gearbox flange to the differential flange
  • The position of any centre bearings
  • The type and size of the flanges required
  • Whether or not any sliding sections are required
  • The approximate power through the shaft


Before any work is started

Before any work is started we would ask that you bring your shaft in for an assessment, this is where we will assess the condition and discuss the options that are available to you based on the service that you want. At this point we would give you a FREE quote for our services and if you decide to go ahead then we can arrange to get started soon after.

Whilst a service is being carried out

Whilst a service is being carried out you can sit back in our customised waiting room with internet WiFi and a PC and keep yourself entertained and relaxed whilst looking over the work being carried out.

For more information

For more information about our services or to arrange to bring your propshaft in for an assessment simply call our team on 01324 813 287.