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Here at Propshaft Services we have built a reputation for exceeding our customers expectations. We have achieved this through our use of high quality parts when working on a customers propshaft and through our talented propshaft engineers who’s product knowledge is second to none. In todays post we are going to discuss Universal Joints, their role and why they are an important component of many drivelines.

A propshaft universal joint is needed to allow your propshaft to articulate and supply the drive to the driven device without flexing when the driveline is not in a perfectly straight line. Typically a propshaft will need a minimum of two universal joints, one at each end to ensure that the connections to the drive and driven are only rotating in a single plane; this will prevent undue wear in all parts of the system.

Generally the higher the angle between the propshaft and the other driveline components the more the couplings will heat up, meaning that there is often a shorter lifespan. There should be less than 3 degrees at each change in angle however, up to 33 degrees is possible for some applications that use wide angle components.

We are able to supply universal joints for customers all across the UK so Propshaft Services can always help regardless of where you are. We are also able to carry out any repairs that your propshaft and/or universal joint may need. We carry a comprehensive stock of parts and keep all styles of joint in stock such as External Circlip, Internal Circlip, Staked, Mechanics, Scania, Volvo and offset cross in SAE, DIN, Steering, Industrial and Precision joint ranges.

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Propshaft Services - Universal Joints

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