Propshaft Repairs Liverpool – Refurbishments, Repairs and Custom Built for All Applications

Mercedes Vito Propshaft Repair Drive In Drive OutAre you sick of waiting days for a propshaft company to carry out repairs on your propshaft? Here at our company we provide the perfect solution, with us being able to offer fast turnaround times so that you can get back on the roads within the shortest amount of time.

The core of our business is the repair of vehicle propshafts. With our experience and the latest equipment, we are able to offer repairs for car, commercial vehicles, plant and various other applications for propshafts over a vast range of sizes and specifications.

We believe that there is very little that we cannot repair or refurbish in terms of propshafts. Should you need a refurbishment then we can undertake all aspects of the service including:

  • Replacing universal joints
  • Insertion of replacement yolks/splines and components
  • Centre bearing replacement/overhaul
  • Replacement of damaged tubes
  • Balancing of complete shafts or components and diagnosis of any balance problems that there may be


Before our team are able to carry out any repairs or refurbishment for you and other customers in Liverpool it’s important that they can carry out a shaft assessment. This is where your propshaft will be checked to diagnose what the problem is. You can expect us to arrange for your propshaft to be picked up from you in Liverpool and delivered to our facility where we’ll carry out the assessment and report back to you with the findings.

The state of the art machinery that we have at our facility can detect an imbalance in one or multiple piece propshafts and the large range of replacement components also means that we can repair your propshaft quickly.

The cost of our propshaft repairs and/or our refurbishment service can vary depending on what’s required. Having said this, our prices are fair and we’ll give you a free quote before any repairs/refurbishment work is started.

To arrange for your propshaft to be picked up from you in Liverpool and delivered to our repair facility, simply give our engineers a call today on 01324 813 287.