Propshaft Refurbishment Manchester

WorkingPropshaft_WebHomeImage02Why would you buy a new propshaft when you can have it refurbished so that it’s good as new?

Here at Propshaft Services we specialise in propshaft refurbishment and have been providing this service to customers in and around Manchester for several years now.

We offer a courier collect and delivery service which allows us to pick up your propshaft from you in Manchester and deliver it to our facility. When it arrives we’ll complete a free comprehensive bench assessment and discuss the condition along with the options that are available to you along with the price. Once we’ve agreed on the price we’ll arrange to start refurbishing your shaft.

When it comes to our propshaft refurbishment service we’ll renew all of the moving components on your propshaft and paint and balance it to the original manufacturer’s specification, ultimately giving you a brand new shaft for a fraction of what a new one will cost.

Our propshafts come with a 2 year warranty and are warranted as good as new to OE specification or better for more demanding and challenging environments.

Full shaft refurbishments start from £75 for the smaller PTO shafts. Assumptions that are made on quoting for a full refurbishment are that all flanges, yokes including ears are damage free and are serviceable, it’s also that the tubing is straight and undamaged.

If you’d like for us to pick up your propshaft from you in Manchester and carry out a bench assessment to determine the condition then get in touch with us today. See our contact page for more details.