Propshaft Modifications Manchester

Propshaft_WebHomeImage01There are a number of reasons why you may want to modify your propshaft, the main reasons being due to power, performance or economy reasons.

When it comes to propshaft modifications it can be as simple as changing the flange on one end of the propshaft or it can be as complex as requiring a new propshaft to be custom built – it all depends on what you want to be modified.

We are able to carry out propshaft modifications for customers who are based all over Manchester and can do so for any application, so if you live in this area then you should come to us.

Our team have years of experience when it comes to propshaft modifications and are committed to customer service, so you can expect to receive a first-class service.

Modification prices start from £50, a rough guide is as follows:

  • Re-tubes from £95
  • Shorten from £50
  • Extend from £95


We never carry out any modification work without your consent, instead we’ll discuss your requirements along with the cost. All of our modifications come with a two year warranty too so if you experience any problems then you’ll simply be able to return the propshaft to us.

Our facility is in Scotland however, our courier service allows us to pick up your propshaft from you in Manchester and then return it once it’s been modified.

If you’d like us to modify your propshaft for you then just give us a call on 01324 813 287 and we’ll arrange for a courier to come and collect your propshaft.