Propshaft Manufacturing Liverpool

slide6Who we are

We are a specialist propshaft manufacturer that is based in the UK and can provide a wide range of propshafts for automotive, commercial and industrial applications.

As a propshaft manufacturer that provides this service to customers in Liverpool and various other areas, we can provide services for manufacture and assembly of standard or custom built propshaft. Due to the diversity of the end product, we have many sources of supply which is all quality approved original equipment.

Custom made propshaft

For us to build your propshaft to suit your requirements we will have to get some simple measurements from you.

These are as follows:

  1. The number of sections that you need
  2. The length of the shaft from the gearbox flange to the differential flange
  3. The position of any centre bearings
  4. The type and size of flanges that are required
  5. Whether or not any sliding sections are required
  6. The approximate power through the shaft


As part of our manufacturing service we will build, check, paint and balance your propshaft to the required specification whether it be using budget, OEM standard or premium quality with INA or SKF universal joints and bearings.

The cost

We charge decent prices for our propshaft manufacturing service and always give a free quote to customers in Liverpool who are interested in using this service. So you’ll know exactly what it’s going to cost before any manufacturing work is started.

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Contact us

For more information on what we can offer to you and other individuals in Liverpool, simply give us a call on 01324 813 287. Alternatively, fill out our contact form and a member of our staff will be in touch with you soon afterwards.