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Volvo Propshafts

Simply the Best – Dedicated Propshaft Service Centre – Established in 1994.

We can repair and refurbish the full range of Volvo propshafts from our comprehensive stockholding.


Remember, we also do PTO shafts & Steering Shafts for all vehicles!


Diagnosing Problems

If you are getting a vibration it is best to have the propshaft checked as soon as possible as if the cap on the universal joint fails it can damage the yokes on the propshaft resulting in a much more expensive repair being required.

We stock replacement tube yokes, flanges and mid stubs so damaged parts can be repaired if required.

We have found that out of balance or damaged wheels and tyres are also common causes of vibration that can sometimes be mistaken for a propshaft vibration, if you are unsure of the cause our partners at Omnius (found next door) can remove the wheels and check for balance, re balance if required for a small fee depending on size, then remove and refit the propshaft if required.

We stock a selection of common propshafts in both genuine Volvo and greaseable joint options.

See our sizing page to allow you to select the correct propshaft based on the part number on your existing shaft or the actual sizes of the propshaft on the vehicle.

If this is not possible let us know the registration number to find the correct part required.