Emergency Propshaft Repairs Lanarkshire

slide5Here at our company we specialise in propshafts and can carry out emergency propshaft repairs for people in and around Lanarkshire.

We have vast technical knowledge and experience when it comes to emergency propshaft repairs, this will ensure that your repairs are undertaken to the highest standard and quality. Our component stocks ensure a quick turnaround to suit your individual circumstances, meaning that you won’t have to wait long for your propshaft to be repaired.

We cater for everything from a steering shaft to a 100 ton dump truck, all types of fixed and mobile plant and marine applications and our team are able to carry out emergency propshaft repairs regardless of the type of application you may have.

When we receive your complete propshaft for repair we will complete your free comprehensive shaft assessment. At this point we will then give you a call to explain the different repair options that are available to you where you can make an informed choice on the repair that is best suited to you. We never carry out work without receiving authority so you and other people in Lanarkshire who use our emergency repair service don’t have to worry about work being started beforehand.

If you are in Lanarkshire and you would like for us to take a look at your propshaft urgently then just give our team a call on 01324 813 287. We can then arrange for your propshaft to be delivered to us where we can complete a free shaft assessment to determine the problem(s) with your propshaft.